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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any guitar become an ArtGuitar®?

Virtually every make and model of electric or acoustic guitar can be made into an Art Guitar®. Several leading brands to look at are Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Martin, Ibanez, Dean and others.

Can acoustic guitars become an ArtGuitar®?

Yes because the Art Guitar® Digital Airbrush™ process, does not affect the tone or playability of your “baby.”

Can I refinish my own guitar?

Absolutely. We work with some of the best luthiers, retailers, and custom shops to accommodate refinishing and rebuild of your pre-owned guitar, what ever the make or model. Contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our licensed retailers, Luthiers or custom shops that assist and deliver back to you with your image making your guitar a “one of a kind” masterpiece.